Software Monitoring
Having accurate information on the state of your infrastructure is important in order to maintain efficient power, cooling and energy usage. Operating without real-time information can put you in jeopardy of outages and downtime and cost businesses time and money. The monitoring solutions provided by Emerson Network Power help to prevent this loss to the business and keeps your data center running at peak performance.
Data center monitoring cards provide monitoring and control of your equipment. The cards manage a wide range of operating parameters, alarms and notifications, transmitting data over the network.
Trellis Enterprise Solutions

For today's biggest challenges and data center initiatives, organizations need a robust solution to meet their growing demands. Emerson Network Power partners with our customers to understand and solve their data center imperatives and deliver the industry-leading DCIM solution to improve operations, increase efficiency and enable business for growth and transformation.
Advanced site monitoring assures you attain maximum availability for your critical operations. Liebert’s SiteScan solutions allow you to leverage Web technology to oversee and control data center infrastructure—anywhere, anytime. SiteScan allows monitoring and control of virtually any piece of critical support equipment — whether located in the next room or in a facility on the other side of the country. This web-based data center monitoring system provides centralized oversight of Liebert precision air, power and UPS units, as well as many other analog or digital devices. Features include real-time monitoring and control, data center usage analysis along with comprehensive reporting capabilities.
Liebert Nform centralized infrastructure monitoring software solution provides data center monitoring of your critical equipment.  Nform provides management of distributed data center Liebert and non-Liebert equipment with alarm notifications and custom messaging to your monitoring requirements.