Lightning does strike more than once. Lightning is a multi-stroke event. Vertiv's surge protection devices have been life-cycle-tested to withstand multiple and consecutive strikes while shielding sensitive equipment from lightning induced transients. Vertiv's test laboratory employs UL-certified technicians and engineers, offers high energy test equipment up to 250kA and delivers rapid prototype capability. This allows for faster UL certifications, fully tested robust product designs and quicker design to market cycles.
Liebert 500 Series

570 Hybrid Surge Protection Device

A true hybrid device offering a coordinated multi-stage system of suppression, integrating the fast response time of the SAD (Silicon Avalanche Diode) modules with the high-energy capability of the MOV modules. Superior clamping at surge current ratings up to 375kA per mode or 750kA per phase.

  • Patented component level monitoring including neutral to ground
  • Unique sand-packed silver fuse network UL Rated at 200kAIC for safety
  • All surge suppression components used are computer tested and matched
  • Highest surge current capability and survivability in the industry
Islatrol SP-6TVN

Plug-In Surge Protection Active Tracking Filter
An Active Tracking Filter® that plugs into a standard duplex receptacle. It features uniquely designed repositionable outlets for easy installation behind desks and other furniture. It protects sensitive home or office equipment from damaging power disturbances traveling through wiring to electrical outlets.

  • Total peak surge current capacity of 39,000 Amps
  • Cables for telephone, video, and data communications
  • Operational indicator lamp
  • Provides rotating, repositionable outlets
  • Monitors for improper wiring/grounding
Islatrol E Series

Active Tracking Filter for DC voltages
The Islatrol E Series provides Active Tracking filtering, for DC power loads to protect against spikes, transients, and noise. It is available in wire lead or PC mount versions from .25A to 1A and barrier strip versions from 1A to 100A.

  • Typically reduces transients to +/- 2 volts
  • Transient protection line to line
  • Transient Reduction - 40 dB Min
Islatrol RM Series

120VAC Rack-mount Active Tracking Filter
Ideal for protecting the power feeding rack equipment. Status LEDs indicate the correct power is coming to the unit, whether the unit is properly grounded and whether the surge components are still intact. Units are available with an optional digital meter, mounted on the front of the unit, which will monitor the voltage, current and power of the protected equipment.

  • 40 kA surge protection
  • 60 dB max noise filtering
  • 15 A and 20 A models available
  • Power, ground and surge status indicators
Edco RJA-RJD Series

RJ-45 Telephone/Data
Four-pair telephone/data line protectors that implement advanced two stage hybrid design. These units address over voltage transients with silicon break-over devices, while sneak and fault currents are mitigated with PTC technology, which consists of solid state re-settable fuses.

  • Solid-state re-settable fuses – PTCs
  • Silicon break-over technology
  • Low capacitance
  • Line-to-line protection
  • Tip and ring to ground protection