Data Center Infrastructure Management

Monitor, manage, control and usage analysis to ensure the most efficient and effective utilization of your data center infrastructure. Conditioned Air & Power Infrastructure Management products from Vertiv offer a comprehensive data center infrastructure resource management system. The DCIM product solution suite revolutionizes the manner in which organizations manage today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing data center environment.

Alber Battery Monitoring

Preventing battery failure is essential for delivering maximum data center availability. Liebert products incorporate Alber technology to extend battery life, reduce maintenance cost and increase safety.

Avocent Data Center Planner  

To effectively manage the data center physical infrastructure, organizations need a fully integrated solution that tracks the physical infrastructure configuration, manages projects and calculates current capacity.  Data Center Planner allows you to shift from a reactive to proactive maturity level in managing your data center infrastructure assets.  Once in place, your organization will gain tremendous advantages and be better able to achieve consolidation, visualization and energy efficiency goals within your data center.
Software Monitoring

Having accurate information on the state of your infrastructure is important in order to maintain efficient power, cooling and energy usage. Operating without real-time information can put you in jeopardy of outages and downtime and cost businesses time and money.
Thermal Management Monitoring
Data center environmental monitoring solutions deliver increased visibility and control of critical support systems for single modules, entire data centers or all critical facilities in an enterprise data center
ASCO Transfer Switch Monitoring

Mitigate power fluctuations and identify specific areas for optimization to help you determine and apply solutions with a host of power management solutions that not only allows you to view current power and power factor readings, but also has a programmable kW set point to initiate transfer of loads to a standby source.