Providing Data Center Integrated
Solutions to Meet Today's Challenges

AC Power / UPS- When it comes to your critical data center operations knowing you have a reliable power supply solution will put you mind at ease. That is why we offer a full line of Liebert uninterruptible power supply solutions (UPS), power distribution units and power transfer switches for an individual data center solution to an integrated systems to keep network closets, computer rooms and data center infrastructures up and running.

Precision Cooling- Energy efficient and flexible cooling solutions from Liebert allow for precise temperature control to ensure reliability and equipment operating at peak performance. Liebert precision cooling units deliver cooling with a comprehensive range of data center cooling solutions, protecting mission-critical applications from even the slightest increase in temperature.

Monitoring- Successful DCIM practices require true interaction between a variety of facets in your data center. With the monitoring and DCIM solutions we provide from Liebert you can monitor and manage all of your critical equipment activity from your data center power and cooling to your batteries and if required at multiple sites. Additionally, our DCIM solutions provide you with the means to manage your data center to ensure your data center is operating at optimal efficiency.

Surge Protection- Vertiv's surge protection devices have been lifecycle-tested to withstand multiple and consecutive lighting strikes while shielding sensitive equipment from lightning induced transients.

Data Center Solutions- Liebert's full line of pre-packaged data center infrastructure solutions, there is a design to fit your IT needs.