At Conditioned Air & Power we provide the most technologically advanced data center solutions to meet your ever changing requirements. From a single rack to furnishing an entire data center, we have the solutions to meet your
specific project requirements.
Liebert SRC Mini-Split Cooling System
Liebert SRC
The Liebert SRC is a simple, high efficiency, easy to install cooling system for small IT and network spaces that requires 1.5 to 3.0 tons of cooling. The SRC's industry leading energy efficiency has fast deployment and low cost installation. It's has simple BMS connectivity and advanced monitoring and system control.
iCOM CMS, Monitoring and Control System
iCOM CMS thermal management system with mobile app is the first IoT product to support edge and
cloud computer in small critical spaces by providing industry-leading visibility, protection and control.
iCOM CMS protects these critical spaces by providing real-time alarms / notifications and troubleshooting workflows via mobile devices, the web and building management systems.